December 15, 2016


That's right! It's a recipe for adventure. Something I'm assuming I'm totally qualified to give based on the facts that:

A)I'm on a crazy adventure right now

B)This is seeming to be a regular occurrence for me lately

C)This is MY stupid blog. Go make your own if you wanna be getting all up in my qualifications at life. I'm sure we’ll all enjoy your insights into the surprisingly political world of competitive knitting. 

The current adventure in question is a trip from Chicago to Iceland and Scotland, via Los Angeles. Some of the more geographically astute among you may be wondering why I traveled west, just to end up going east. Fortunately, the first rule of adventuring is: “shut it with all the questions already.” You've gotta have a can-do attitude, and a willingness to not overthink things. And, if saving hundreds of dollars on your plane ticket and getting to see your friends in LA are side-benefits, then so be it. 

Basically, the rules of adventure are to do your research, don't be afraid to pull the trigger on a crazy idea, and to shut up and let life happen. Of course, some people need a running start at being decisive. Try starting with small and utterly inconsequential decisions in your bland adventureless life. Emphatically choose what interchangeable brand of coffee is your brand. Decide that you're giving up gluten for literally no reason. Vote in a presidential election. Then, once you've mastered being pointlessly didactic, you can try it on real decisions, like whether to go into debt just to have a mind-blowing experience where you get to see utterly unique things, and also fly owls (Yes. The answer is yes.)

There are other minutiae, sure, but once you've mastered just biting the bullet, pulling the trigger, and mixing the metaphor on adventure, everything else kind of starts to come together. Though I highly recommend using Google Flights and AirBnB to help keep your costs low. 

So, as you may have gathered ( know...reading) I'm traveling right now to fun and far off lands. I don't know how regularly I'll be updating. I hope super regularly. Maybe even more regularly than usual. So regularly that you won't even be able to handle it. Or maybe not. Also, as is tradition on my trips, my posts will probably be less recipes, and crazy and random musings about the things I've done and seen. And possibly the food I've eaten. In any case, I'm gonna leave you with a picture of a delicious pulled brisket sandwich I had in LA, because it warmed the cockles of my heart and stomach. See you soon!

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